Rex Miller, @mrexmiller

Rex Miller is a true orchestrator of transformation. He is an experienced author, professional thinker and sought after consultant with the capabilities to work towards transformation at any scale. Rex has built an extensive career around the ability to see things differently and lead others to think collectively in a way that generates harmonious collaboration, innovative ideas and a plan for progress.

Rex’s firm, mindShift Innovation, has a knack for taking difficult or nearly impossible problems and finding comprehensive solutions. Whenever a company or even an entire industry is utterly stuck in a rut, Rex and his process have the answer to bring not only welcome change, but change that is absolutely imperative in order to survive in the modern landscape.

Rex holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees as a futurist and entered the world of consulting after 35 years as a corporate manager and executive. He is a certified professional tennis player and has also coached Olympic athletes. His unique experiences and skill set make Rex distinctively qualified to help solve the biggest and most complex conundrums in the business world today.

Bill Latham, @billlatham3

Bill Latham is the CEO of MeTEOR Education, an organization that works with communities to inspire and create holistic, High-impact Learning Experiences™ that fully engage today’s students and teachers. He is a leader not only within MeTEOR Education, but also in the movement to solve the education crisis and reform an outdated and often soulless system. Bill is an immovable advocate for change, seeking to solve this pervasive problem — one community and one classroom at a time.

He and his team’s designs have led to measurable increases in basic literacy, collaborative learning, and complexity of student tasks at all grade levels. Mr. Latham is connected with leading global researchers and academics in the field, employing the latest best practice findings as he leads design work for classrooms, school buildings and broader school systems. They have directly served more than 1,000 schools in the United States alone.

Brian Cahill

Brian Cahill is the Division President of the California Division of Balfour Beatty Construction Services, the third largest builder of educational facilities in the US. Brian is dedicated to creating change in his community and communities across the country. He played an essential role in coordinating the effort for Balfour Beatty Construction and its mission-aligned trade contractors to construct the 65,000 square foot Ronald McDonald House of San Diego for the Ronald McDonald House Charities of San Diego at-cost — saving the charity millions of dollars. Cahill also participates in various programs to aid disadvantaged youth, such as the AVID program.