Summary about MeTEOR:

MeTEOR Education’s mission is to inspire and support communities and their students in creating transformational learning experiences. Their goal is to help in the alignment of teaching methods, learning environments, technology utilization, and community efforts to overhaul today’s outdated education system. The passionate experts at MeTEOR Education see the full potential of the modern classroom and know the steps it takes to get there.

MeTEOR Education also knows the value and importance of continuous learning and supports advanced education for teachers and administrators. The company supports graduate-level continuing education focused on leading research findings and best practices.

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Services/products offered:

Needs Assessments – This is the first step to understanding what’s missing and what can be done to solve a school’s unique set of weaknesses. A needs assessment also identifies what a school’s current strengths are and how to incorporate them with a new plan for revolutionized learning experiences.

Enable Design Thinking – MeTEOR’s experts work with teachers and administrators to create a plan for success that fits a school’s specific needs, filling the gaps identified during the needs assessment. This utilizes Design Thinking Principles to create new learning environments that help all aspects of the education experience thrive.

Design and Inquiry-based Lessons – Are teachers utilizing the new modern environments correctly, guiding students through inquiry-driven lessons rather than preaching in order to get facts across?

Design and Provide Supportive Environments – MeTEOR’s Learning Environment Specialists and Modernization Team can explain the priority gaps and the future impact of modernizing your learning spaces. MeTEOR takes care of everything from design and specification to delivery of innovative and future-ready learning environments.