Rex Miller, @mrexmiller

Rex Miller is known and sought-after for his effective problem solving skills. He has held many titles and lived many lives, including that of an experienced executive, an industry changing author and an innovative futurist.

Rex’s currency is ideas; he has made a career out of being able to think differently and tackle colossal problems from every imaginable angle. Rex offers presentations and workshops on a variety of subjects related to his efforts in reinventing modern education and other industry shifting topics that he has collaborated on throughout his career as a big picture problem-solver.

His topics and workshop topics include:

  • Why education is broken and what can you do to fix it.
  • Creating an unstoppable task force.
  • What keeps students fully engaged and ready to learn?
  • …and many more.

Bill Latham, @billlatham3

CEO of MeTEOR Education, Bill Latham is also a revolutionary thinker specializing in aligning all of the working parts of the education system to create fully aligned, High-impact Learning Experiences™ that drive engagement in both students and teachers.

His organization partners with school systems in discovering the unique needs of their communities to implement new methods of instruction, technology tools, and high-impact spaces. Bill is also an advocate for advanced education and training for educators and administrators in the connection between methods, tools, and learning environments.

Bill’s presentations and workshops are centered around the following themes:

  • Critical learning priorities for high-impact learning experiences.
  • How to assess your school system’s unique weaknesses and strengths.
  • How to accelerate plans to bring supportive environments into your district.
  • How inquiry-based learning and aligned spaces can transform everything.
  • … and many more.

Brian Cahill

Brian Cahill is an advocate for many important causes and understands how vital it is to give back to the community in a big way. A leader at Balfour Beatty Construction, Brian is working towards creating better schools at the foundation.

Brian’s speaking topics include:

  • The importance of giving back to your community.
  • Advocating: How to make your voice heard.
  • Education as a political institution: What has to change.
  • … and many more.

To book any of these authors as a guest on your program, please contact Senior Publicist Shelby Janner at sjanner@advantageww.com.