About the Book

Time is up. We have to reinvent education.

America’s education system is broken. It has completely lost focus on what is important – the kids it was built to serve. Public Education is still built to meet challenges of the past and not at all equipped to tackle the challenges that we are facing today. We’ve been trying and failing to fix the seemingly endless list of problems through legislation and reform for over 60 years.

The majority of today’s education system is full of disengaged, bored and suffering students being pushed through the education machine like a product on a conveyor belt. This all sounds like bad news, right? Not necessarily.

Humanizing the Education Machine is a song of hope and forward momentum. The students that are still engaged and eager to learn are that way because of personal one-on-one experiences with educators that understand them and respond to their needs on an individual level. Changing Public Education starts on a fundamentally human level.

Rex Miller, Bill Latham, and Brian Cahill, along with more than 90 subject matter experts in the field of education, have collaborated to author Humanizing the Education Machine not to reform education, but to completely reinvent it on an individual level. This book provides parents, educators, administrators, and communities with hope, equipping them with the tools to become full partners in the new human-centered learning revolution.

Humanizing the Education Machine looks at the outlier schools across the country that are thriving to see how their approach is different. This book is the result of two years of traveling to communities and schools across the country and talking with educators, parents, and students about what is working and what needs desperately to change. The expert team that made this book possible, the K-12 mindShift, is a passionate and aligned group of individuals determined to create a roadmap to a future ready education system.

Join us in creating learning experiences that put kids first and that are ready for the rapid and endless change that the future holds.

Videos About the Chapters

Chapter 1

Numbers Don't Lie


Chapter 2

Two Guys from Gainesville


Chapter 3

Mindshift: We're Not Looking


Chapter 4

The Learning Manifesto


Chapter 5

How the Road to Transformation Began in Failure


Chapter 6

Gutenburg to Google


Chapter 7

The Learning Matrix


Chapter 8

The Pandorification of Learning


Chapter 9

Changing the Odds


Chapter 10

Humanizing the Great Education Machine


Chapter 11

The Healing Power of Social Emotional Literacy


Chapter 12

Creating a Healthy Learning Culture


Chapter 13

Designing a Place that Inspired and Equips


Chapter 14

Leading Change in Your School